Film critics are a dime a dozen, so why should you listen to anyone else – especially when you can do it yourself? That’s why you’ve got to be unique when it comes to evaluating movies.You want people to remember you.

My name is Joe Gieringer, and I’m a 22 year old Journalism major / Film Studies minor & fraternity man at Miami University. I love movies, I love talking about movies, and I love looking good while doing it. That’s why I created The Movie Gent, a blog that points out the very best of the silver screen in style. Any movie, any genre, any time period is fair game… I don’t play favorites. I bring my own unique taste to the table of criticism, so if you enjoy posts that are full of class, charm, and sophistication (well, maybe I’m stretching it with that last one), then check back early and often. And of course, comments are always welcome – Just remember to keep ’em classy.

If a few posts a week isn’t enough for you all, then feel free to follow me on Twitter @_King_Ramses.

And one more thing: This might be a film blog, but that doesn’t mean I won’t throw a few sports or fashion (see: bow tie) related reads out there every now and then. After all, a gentleman has to be well-rounded.

So sit back, scroll through, and enjoy!


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